One of the largest contributors to the Jaguar Homebrew community. HAve developed a wide variety of tools for development, and have release multiple demos and full games for download or physical purchase.


Developed a "Myst" genre game calle Elansar (2013), which was a cartridge release, and a collection of Demos.


Responsible for the Removers library and a handful of useful tools for Jaguar development. Seb is also mostly responsible for the port of Another World (2013) to the Atari Jaguar.

Matthias Domin

Worked on and release Impulse X (2013), a cartridge release. He has also done a load of work on many different aspects of Atari Jaguar development.

Sebastian Mihai

A developer that has covered allot of ground on many platforms. He has used Jagbuntu to put togther a fun matching game called "Jag Match".