Update Flappy McFur project page. New Media content, download link for Christmas Card demo, and added link to Atari Age thread.

Orders are now open for Flappy McFur on cartridge. Check out the release video here.

Wow. 5 months since our last update. Sorry about that. We migrated to new hosting again. Updated the Jagbuntu page with a message about how dated it is at this point. Updated Flappy McFur log entries. Fixed broken contact emails for BitJag.

Updated Flappy McFur project page log and new media.

Site was down for a week or so while switching web hosting. We are still plugging away at Flappy McFur. Check out a small update video with gamplay HERE.

Added two new retialers to the Retailers section on the Links page.

Just a quick note for those who are watching, we are still working on Flappy Mcfur. Like usual, no solid release date.

Just uploaded the PRGE 2014 demo to, for those who are interested.

Our Portland Retro Gaming Expo Welcome Demo is available for download. Includes sources along with a burnable .CDI image and ROM image for your SkunkBoard or Emulator. Enjoy!

Just added a project page for our Portland Retro Gaming Expo Welcome Demo. Check Out some screens and CD/Box art. A downloadable version with sources coming soon.

Putting together a small surprise for everyone. Be sure to stop by sometime mid October.

Big update to the site. Added update logs to all projects, to keep a history, and keep everyone informed on our progress for each project. Also, we have released an pre-alpha version of Flappy McFur to the public. Head to the project page to download your copy, along with box and CD art!

Made some updates to the site. Added additional pages and a new font.

Reboot is selling copies of their homebrew title Downfall. This time you have the option of both a cartridge version, CD version, or both! (Awesome) Order a copy on the Atariage forums.

We will miss you Jaguar Sector II. Thanks for 10 years of awesome Atari Jaguar Conversation.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year's, Happy Birthday, and whatever else we missed in your life last month. We have had allot of fun this last month, if you have been watching us on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, you would of seen our little "Jag in the Box". This was put together to make dev a bit more convenient for us.

Another big update. We have been a bit silent this month because we were discussing the possibility of another project. We both agreed, and now we have a new project added to our list. We have a Game Design Doc put together, assets are being built, and code is being written. This is a much simpler project then our previously posted projects, this is to help us get more familiar with the Removers C library, and other Dev relate things, so we can better tackle those other projects.

Again, we are so grateful for the support that we are getting from everyone, it means allot to us. We are planning on another normal episode of JagCorner, going over updates and such. Just some a few updates to get started. Will is getting his feet wet with C programming, picking it up quick, and already has some fun stuff to look at. Bryce is finalizing his dev environment, and is settling in to churn out some code.

Enjoy JagCorner's review of Iron Soldier. Take part in the mechanical mayhem. Also, Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for all the support we have gotten from this awesome community.

Well the Jaguar's 20th anniversary is just around the corner so we put together a mini doc/interview of the BitJag devs and some of their brothers HERE. Will has been getting his feet wet, picking up some basic of Jag programming, and Bryce is getting a custom Linix Jaguar development environment put together to make things a bit smoother.

Happy Halloween!. If you haven't already check out the first episode of JagVirgin HERE. Not much programming lately, but have been working on a level for Brawl check out the image on the page.

. New JagCorner video! Check it out. Also, box art for project 3, now called "Brawl". Along with some concept art.

Added some cocept chatacter sprites to Project 3. And updated the weekly image. Sorry for the lack of updates... Bryce has finished setting up the new Jaguar development system.

Added concept art to some of our projects. Team went on a vacation to California, and is getting stuff together for the next JagCorner video.

Updated image of the week and added concept art for the Joust adventure game.

Started brainstorming story ideas and gameplay ideas for our Joust adventure game. Sketching out specific areas and maps for the RPG title.

Added mailing list to the bottom of the home page. Uploaded dev journal to YouTube.

7/16/13 is live!

Added project pages with graphics. Working on map for our JRPG, with new story elements.

More site updates. Added a page for our first project. Development images included :)

JagCorner Website, basic structure, established. All in HTML!!!

Working with room sprites to learning how to construct rooms and handle level panning.

Learning how to create a sense of depth by handling sprites properly when they pass over eachother.

Built tialable sprites to construct a workable room for testing.

Decided to use the Removers library for our games. Bryce has put together a small demo of character walking around, and has the ability to scale.

Working on story, and has built some character sprites, to work with.

Decided to make the Jaguar's first "JRPG". Get it?

-The decision to make a jag game was made, and the Skunkboard was purchased.

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