12/24/16 - Small Christmas Card demo featuring characters from the game. Added download link to project page. Also added link to Atari Age thread. Added additional media stuff to project page as well.

10/18/16 - Orders officially open.

9/15/16 - Development finished!

4/16/16 - Playtesting has begin. Added tutorial before first game. Started painting sprites, and code implementation, for end game. Adjusted McFur's mechanics based on playtester suggestions.

3/14/16 - Optimized audio samples, and sprites.

2/19/16 - Built out menus, including awards, options, credits, save code, and title screen redesign. This includes painting sprites for menus.

9/23/15 - Implemented initial sound effects for crashing, flapping, coin collecting, pipe passing, menu moving.

7/19/15 - Created sprites for and visually implemented title and main menus. Functionality will come soon.

6/29/15 - Implemented game music, and optimized for speed.

5/16/15 - Initial manual has been assembled. May need to adjust based on if we are going to release a CD or Cart version.

3/10/15 - Optimized some of the existing sprites. Put together run cycle sprites for Cutter.

1/5/15 - Added a score keeper with new BitJag text library.

12/1/14 - Playing around with the possibility of a simple achievement system. Moved project to GIT Hub.

10/28/14 - Done with the BitJag Portland Retro Gaming Welcome Demo. Time to get back to work.

7/14/14 - Most everything is implemented that we want. Added all background shifting, title menu, pause, and game over screens.

7/06/14 - Recoding from the ground up. We have decided to not implement multiplayer and additional levels at this point. We want to focus on the other projects a bit more.

6/21/14 - More accurate motion implemented for Flappy Mcfur (Ease-In and Out motion). Also layed groundwork for multiplayer and multiple levels.

5/13/14 - Version 0.3 is out and down-loadable. Check out the download link above. Also, if you are interested in making your own physical copy, click on the box and CD label art to the right to download printable PDF's. Send us a picture of your physical copy and we will feature it on an upcoming JagCorner episode.

5/10/14 - Glitch with audio at 22050Hz sample rate with sprites in overscan areas. Resample everything down to 16000Hz.

4/5/14 - Touched up on the code, and added the ability to go back to the title screen by hitting pound and start together. Also started on the box art for DVD case.

4/1/14 - Rushed to get something out for April Fools, but no luck. Added randomness to the tubes placement to make it a bit more difficult, and added a pause option. Disabled the Removers collision routine, and wrote my own for increased collision accuracy. Need to start figuring out the sound stuff for wave samples.

3/28/14 - Added collisions to the tube using the Removers built-in collision routine, not very accurate though. May have to code my own simple collisions for better accuracy. The game now has a title screen and a game over when Flappy McFur collides with the tube or ground. Technically a game now. YAY!

3/25/14 - Got the level background sprites scrolling, also added the tubes. No randomness to their position yet, and no collision.

3/24/14 - Added a really really really basic system to simulate gravity, and built sprites for first level.

3/15/14 - Built 4 frames for Flappy McFur and added them to a new program. Let's get started!